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Kutch Corporate Forum popularly known as KCF is a Non-profit Organization founded in the year 1995 with the objective of enhancing knowledge of the Kutchi Corporate community by bringing it up to date on various aspects of doing business in the 21st century, with best practices across various knowledge streams, corporate & economic trends, by hosting Conferences, Seminars, Workshops with a team of highly Energized, Professional and Entrepreneurs. KCF is giving its best to inculcate a Corporate Culture within Kutch community’s Businesses. The core of a Corporate Entity is its ability to foresee and adapt to the changes in the economic landscape.

Through KCF platform, eminent and renowned Speakers share their experiences on the best Corporate Practices, Corporate & Economic trends, Modalities of raising Funds, Issues related to Branding, Marketing, HR, leveraging e-commerce, e-tailing and degital technology, investment avenues like real estate, equities and other issues facing the Corporate sector as well as the SME’s.

KCF's endeavor has always been to support the spirit of enterprise and entrepreneurship. The forum had conducted special series of programs namely 'Know Your Business' ( KYB ) by Prof.Victor Manickam of WE school & Masterclass, 'Next Level of Success.Simplified' by Mr. Ambrish Chheda during the years 2011 to 2015. In our basic program KYB, 746 Entrepreneurs & professionals from 31 batches and in our advance course Masterclass 145 participants from 8 batches got benefited at large. The outcome of these programs were spectacular with immediate positive results in their business & personal life.

As on date, KCF has enrolled around 300 members and look forward to increase the strength of the Forum in the coming years.



Kutch Corporate Forum is 20 years old and the objectives are as under :

KCF To develop a Corporate Culture in Kutchi Business Houses and Business Persons.
KCF To act as a THINK TANK & ACTION FORUM concerned with the problems / issues related to the Economic Development of Kutchis and Kutch
KCF To become information Storehouse and Counseling Centre.
KCF To build sense of fraternity and brotherhood among members and their families through cultural and social programmes.
KCF To undertake any other need based activity, which does not conflict with the aboveobjectives.


KCF Seminar on “Real Estate- The Way Forward” by Renowned Speakers from the Industry followed by lively Panel Discussion with the moderator NishaGor, CNBC Bajar& twice on “Future of Real Estate” by Shri PranayVakil, Shri NiranjanHiranandani& Shri Parimal Shroff
KCF Seminar on “Owner to CEO” & thrice on “Family Managed Business for SME’s ” by Prof. Parimal Merchant of S.P.Jain Institute and once by Shri. Dilip Patel
KCF Seminar on"Indian Businesses & Capital Markets - Kal, AajaurKal” by three stalwarts Shri MadhusudanKela from Reliance capital, Shri Ramesh Damani, Eminent Stock Investor & Shri Ravi Dharamshi followed by Panel Discussion moderated by Shri Kalpraj Dharamshi
KCF Seminar on “Branding Through Digital Technology” by Mr. Basesh Gala from 39 Solutions
KCF Seminar on “E-Commerce & E-Tailing” by Mr. Ashish Jhalani, Founder of eTailing India &ISeB, Mr. NayanBheda, Serial Entrepreneur & Founder ISeB& Mr. JitenChheda
KCF Seminar on “Change Management for Successful Entrepreneurs” by Shri KiritGala of Gala Precision followed by Panel Discussion
KCF Seminar-cum-Workshop conducted twice on“Your Child’s School – An Investment for Life ” by Ms. KavitaAnand & Mr. Nitin Padte
KCF Seminar on“Overcoming Challenges of Growth – The Marico Story” – by Shri Harsh Mariwala
KCF Seminar on “Build Brands – Build Businesses” &“Power of Branding ” thrice by Brand Guru Shri. Jagdeep Kapoor
KCF Seminar on “Wealth Creation Through Entrepreneurship” by Shri Manak Singh
KCF Seminar on“Success Story of Titan Industries Ltd.” by Shri. Bhaskar Bhat
KCF Seminar on“India 2020 ” Economic Perspective by Eminent Banker, Shri K.V. Kamath Business & Industry Perspective by Shri Raamdeo Agrawal.
KCF Lecture Meeting on “Current Turmoil in World Economy & likely impact on India” by Eminent Economist, Dr. AjitRanade
KCF Seminar on“Transforming MMRDA and Vision for next two decades “ by the Chief Commissioner, Shri RatnakarGaikwad
KCF Seminar on“Business Tomorrow ” by Shri VallabhBhansali
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